What is SmartPlate?

Micro-Moment Information Delivery

Smart Plate is a programmable "Physical Bookmark" on the IoT which connects directly everything/everywhere with varied digital content like SNS, videos, maps, contact information, product information, entertainment content, etc. via unique QR code or embedded NFC tag. Plates are trackable and controllable on the app over-the-air anytime even if you are not there, and are capable of being overwritten repeatedly. All plates store an activation code and geocode for copy protection purpose. (JP PAT.NO.5867635, PCT/JP2015/057501)

Connected Life Made of Smart Plate

SmartPlate, programmable “Hyperlink of Things®” delivers varied digital content onto your smartphones via simply tapping action, connects physical things or places with the Internet directly. Connect the World Search-Less.

Sophisticated Management App

Connect everything/everywhere directly with varied digital content like SNS, videos, maps, contacts, product information, entertainment content, etc. via sophisticated app, downloadable free on the Google Play. (iPhone app will follow soon!)

No App to Read

No need installing specific app to get content. Just tapping NFC smartphones or scanning QR code opens varied content directly on your smartphone. Easy to deliver your digital content to everyone!

Track and Visualize,Functions

Track and visualize all access data on the app.
Programmable multifunction modes enable varied content delivery. Switch by OS type, Tiles layout with multiple content, Random and Rotation, Lucky Draw, and Pass with parameters. Useful functions will be released one after another. Stay tuned!

Use Cases

Reorder your favorite beer at the fridge, open a weather forecast at the porch, launch map in the car, whatever. It depends on your ideas!

Buy-to-Deliver at
No-Inventory Store

Connects Bricks to eCommerce with EASE and transform showroom into sales store.
Osaka-based online shop DIY-TOOL.COM opened their first real shop DIY Factory Osaka at Namba in Osaka city as a Japan's first Connected Store. Customer can access to product information or purchasing pages on the online shop thru Smart Plate deployed everywhere in the store, try & feel texture, color and material of real products cannot be conveyed online, then purchase without shopping bags. This new type of shopping experiences created sensations on varied medias as Omni Channel Retailing; the next generation. Cashless, Liness, Bagless!!! (from Apr, 2014)

Variety of Vertical Partners

The Last One Inch of WWW
in the Physical World

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    4YFN Award 2017

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  • 2nd Prize in Tokyu Accelerate Program
    11 November 2015, Tokyo

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