What is SmartPlate™?

Micro-Moment Information Delivery

SmartPlate™ are the “physical bookmarks” of the Internet of Things, connecting the real world with digital content. They enable brands to take control of the “micro-moment” when a consumer reaches for their smartphone in search of information.

Each SmartPlate™ has both a QR code and NFC chip, making it easily accessible on all smart devices. As the consumer taps (or scans) the plate they are instantly presented with your targeted content.

SmartPlate™ are trackable and managed in the cloud via mobile app or web browser. Content can be updated at any time and options include product information, videos, maps, social media, contact information and more.

All plates store an activation code and geocode for copy protection purposes. (JP PAT.NO.5867635, PCT/JP2015/057501)


Content is delivered directly to the user without the need for Googling or typing in a web address. A simple tap connects physical objects or places with your content on the web. This is what we call the “Hyperlink of Things®”.

Sophisticated Content Management

Manage your content on the go with our free app on Google Play (iPhone app coming soon!). You can instantaneously update the content linked to your SmartPlate™ and direct consumers to product information, videos, maps, contact details, social media and more.

No App Required

Users can immediately view your content without the need to install an application. Simply tapping the NFC chip or scanning the QR code will open your content on the customer’s device. Easily deliver your digital content to everyone!

Functions and Tracking

All access data can be tracked and visualized on Android app or web browser on PC. Content delivery options include a tiled layout displaying multiple content, random or rotational delivery, lucky draws, and pass with parameters. You can also target your content delivery based on OS type or device language. New functions will be added regularly, so stay tuned!

Use Cases

The many applications of SmartPlate™ are limited only by your imagination. Users can reorder their favorite beer from the refrigerator door, check the weather forecast on their porch, browse recipe ideas in the supermarket, or launch a map from a wall poster. Got an idea? We can make it a reality.

Zero-Inventory Shopping

SmartPlate™ are the missing connection between brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce. Now showrooms can be simply and affordably transformed into interactive shopping experiences.
Osaka-based online store DIY-TOOL.COM opened Japan’s first “connected store” in April 2014. Customers could try out the actual products and see the color and materials themselves - an aspect lacking in online shopping. Then, by tapping the SmartPlate™ beside each product, they could access detailed product information and a purchase page. Any purchases would be conveniently delivered to the customer’s door. This new type of shopping experience created waves in the world of Omnichannel Retailing.No cash, no lines, no bags!

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